Summer - Hiking

Any time we walk without snowshoes!

  • Half day under 3 hours
  • 1-5 participants CHF 350.-
    +5 participants +10% per extra friend
  • Full day over 3 hours
  • 1-5 participants CHF 400.-
    +5 participants +10% per extra friend

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Winter - Snowshoeing

visit the wonders of winter on snowshoes!

  • Half day under 3 hours
    1 -2 : CHF 300.-
    3 - 10 : CHF 100.- / person
  • Whole day over 3 hours
    1 - 2 : CHF 400.-
    3 - 10 : CHF 150.- / person
  • Snowshoes can be rented from Ski Service at a special 'Cherries Walks' price!

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General terms & conditions of Cherrieswalks


    Fundamental principles

    CherriesWalks is run by one person, Cherries Ussher von Maur, she is a Swiss qualified Mountain Leader. She is responsible for the tours conducted and contents of this web site.

    Signing up

    It is important to register as early as possible. For 1-2-day tours, registration can be accepted at short notice, i.e. at the latest on the day before the start of the tour. However, participation following registration at short notice cannot be guaranteed. For tours lasting 3 days or more, the registration will only be taken into consideration after payment of CHF 500.-.

    Prices & obligations

    The prices include the fees for the guide and commissions. Group prices are valid only when the minimum number of participants takes part. Any additional services are listed separately. The costs of transport, overnight stays, food, etc., for both guest and guide are charged to the guest. Payment is to be made before setting out on the tour. Prices are in Swiss Francs, click on currency converter to see in your currency.


    Each guest must have a sickness and accident insurance. A repatriation insurance can be useful.

    Tour modifications

    CherriesWalks takes the decision to cancel a tour because of an insufficient number of participants, or because of unfavorable weather conditions. No costs are involved for the guest, should the tour be cancelled by CherriesWalks. Only the Mountain Leader responsible can take the decision to break off a tour or to modify it. When a tour is broken off, the costs to the guest will be fixed in relation to the length of the tour carried out. For tours with overnight stay, the official mountain hut tariff serves as the basis for calculating the charges. Should a tour be modified, the extra costs involved are to be paid by the participant.


    For 1-2 day tours, there is no charge to the guest, providing the cancellation is made at the latest 2 days before the start of the tour. Any cancellation after this time, or should the guest fail to turn up for the tour, the corresponding cost of the tour must be paid in full by the guest. In the case of premature cancellation for a tour lasting several days, the following costs are involved:

  • cancellation 10-5 days before the beginning of the tour: 50% of the cost of the tour;
  • cancellation 4-0 days before the beginning of the tour: 100% of the cost of the tour.
  • Should the tour be broken off prematurely, or should the guide have to break it off because of insufficient physical or mental ability of the guest, no refund will be made. Any extra costs will be charged to the guest.


    Complaints must be made on the spot to the responsible Mountain Leader, so that an immediate solution can be found. Complaints made after the event cannot be taken into consideration. Complaints addressed to CherriesWalks must be done so in writing.


    The Mountain Leader cannot guarantee absolute security in the case of objective dangers in the mountains. The guest must take into account the natural risks of hiking in the mountains, which are always present in spite of careful and prudent guiding. In case of dispute Swiss courts only have jurisdiction. The court of jurisdiction is in Bagnes in the Canton of Valais.