An activity for everyone!

Let's get out in the winter wonderland

    Don't be fooled into thinking that because the use of snowshoes is centuries old, that it is an activity for the 'old' folks. Todays snowshoes are made out of the most high-tech materials. They are light and easy to use. They strap onto all boots with ankle support, you can even wear moon-boots!

    Some snowshoeing ideas

  • Bisse du Levron
  • Fionnay
  • Fionnay by night
  • Mex
  • Savoleyres
  • Shlerondes
  • Verbier by night
  • Half day outings - under 3 hours
  • Whole day excursions - over 3 hours
  • Multiple day expeditions - night out
  • You decide what length of time you want to go for and I'll customize the expedition for you!